Are you at work and only have 5 minutes to relax? Or are you working from home and looking for ways to quickly distract yourself? Here are 5 applications for 5-minute breaks.

5 Minute Yoga (Android, iOS)

The exercises in this application are generally suitable for beginners. In this way, you can wake up in 5 minutes in the morning and exercise your body in your short breaks. Plus, you can use it to relax your body before sleeping. The app is free to download, but it also offers premium features.

5 Applications for 5-minute breaks

5 Minute Crossword Puzzles (Android, iOS)

With this application, you can train your brain by solving puzzles. What a great app for a coffee break. Although the app includes free puzzles, you’ve to pay for additional puzzles.

Five Minute Journal (Android, iOS)

Do you find it difficult to put your thoughts in a notebook? Are you too lazy to even grab a piece of paper and write? Here’s the perfect app for you. You can take notes, access various inspirational quotes, and participate in weekly tasks within the app.

5 applications for 5-minute breaks

5 Minute Meditation (Android, IOS)

This application offers you different 5-minute meditations. It’s a nice app to distract your mind or fight the tiredness of the day before you go to bed at night. Besides, you can access more meditations for free. There’s also another app called Serenity: Guided Meditation & Mindfulness (Android, IOS).

Castbox (Android, IOS)

With this application, you can access various podcasts and content in any language. You can listen to short stories and relax your mind in Zen mode. Or you can also access content that will help you learn languages. The application is free, but it also offers paid services.

You’ll no longer be bored with these 5 applications for 5-minute breaks that you can use while traveling, before sleeping, after waking up or during your work breaks.

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