About WATH Mag

WATH Mag covers various topics such as psychedelic culture, vegan lifestyle, ecology, festivals and more. It originally started years ago as a personal blog. Since then, it’s grown into a big family. Each new writer has added a new color to this platform with their articles.

We try to stay away from negative vibes as much as possible. We try to do what we love with our own existential questions. Surely, we love writing. Also, this platform isn’t just a place to share articles. Therefore, WATH Mag opens a door for everyone to explore different things, to see the beauty, and to share love and sadnessÔÇŽ We’re not trying to save or change things.

It’s a place to share what we know or learn, what we don’t know, and express ourselves. Besides, our goal is to give people knowledge, tools, and inspiration to live a life full of love, happiness, kindness, freedom, and compassion.

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