Psychologist’s third album, Kaira, is now available on all digital platforms, including Beatport, Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes, under the SpeedSound Records label.

“Kaira” exhibits the artist’s evolution and growing versatility. Each of the six tracks offers a unique journey, making the album a cohesive yet varied collection of songs.

The progressive psytrance-styled album features six tracks, predominated by ethnic and tribal elements. The tempo ranges between 138-145 bpm, with a strong influence of Turkish musical maqams and prevalent use of Turkish instruments like violin, ney, saz, and qanun.

The single “Days & Nights” has already captured listeners’ hearts. This album promises to energize dancers. Don’t forget to give it a listen and share your thoughts below.

Who is Psychologist?

He has been actively playing the guitar professionally in various bands for 20 years. Additionally, he has been producing psy-trance music for five years, primarily incorporating Turkish instruments and maqams in his compositions.

Happy listening and dancing!