Are you bored with useless digital platforms? I know, there are thousands of inadequate websites. I get that you don’t want to try one more. What if I say, some people created the great one? I’m sure it’ll help you to improve yourself to achieve your better version. Hinter Studio is a community focused on learning the arts of living. They prepare stunning content on various topics from yoga to cooking, from coffee culture to herbs.

Their goal is to be a powerful online platform for yoga, fitness, and nutrition. After joining the community, you have unlimited access to over 200 classes created by talented teachers. I bet everyone will find a suitable lesson.

Having lots of tasks to do in a week can make us stressful. We need a clean mind, a healthy body, and a creative spirit to complete our daily tasks. But we can control our stress and motivate ourselves. How? Meditation, yoga, sound therapy or learning a new hobby can be your answer. Let Hinter Studio help you. Give a chance.

Nutrition by Julie at Hinter Studio

Each monthly subscription is a tree planted

They also want to support carbon-negative projects, and their most ambitious goal is to plant one tree for each membership. Currently, they are planting one tree for each partnership.

One Tree Planed is a non-profit organization focused on global reforestation, building on a network of businesses and schools that donate to planting trees. Hinter Studio also cooperates with this institution for seedlings.

What does Hinter Studio offer us?

Let’s delve deep into the coffee world with Michael, the a.k.a. Cappuccino Boy. Learn how to make coffee from a nice guy with a mustache who looks like he’s from the 80s. Are you looking for a different hobby? Ok. Chloé shares her plant-based recipes. Or… Hey, why don’t you attend yoga classes created by effective yogis? Vinyasa? Hatha? It doesn’t matter. There are lessons for everyone. Not enough? How about a healing sound experience with Holly? Even if you want to participate in the live sessions, you can take a look at the calendar on the Live Schedule page.

Sound Healing by Holly at Hinter Studio

Join a retreat

Furthermore, they work with talented teachers from all over the world and organize wellness retreats in sustainable and design-oriented hotels. You can attend these retreats. What could be better than to increase motivation? All information about the next events can be found on the Retreats page.

Attend various yoga classes and deepen your knowledge of meditation. Maybe, you may want to learn the secret of coffee making. Discover many skills that can make you happy in Hinter Studio.

Want to try it for 14 days? To start the Hinter Studio trial, click here!

Let’s try a yoga class. Hinter Studio allow a session for WATH readers. You’ll only have to enter your email to access it. Try now!