Imagine. You gently touch your wrist and, as if by magic, a screen illuminates right on your skin.

In our reality, nothing is impossible anymore.

On average, people spend about 3 hours and 15 minutes on their phones daily. My opinion? It’s likely even more. Furthermore, 3 in 4 Gen Z claim to spend too much time on their devices.

“The smartphone is no longer just a device that we use, it’s become the place where we live.”

Prof. Daniel Miller

How can you be more eco-friendly when traveling? There is a problem with most technology not caring about the nature. Yet, some developers create awesome apps to track our ecological impact.

Today, we picked the eco-friendly apps for you to make more nature-friendly decisions.

Eco-friendly apps, you’ll love them


Got a box of crackers or fresh fruit you won’t eat? Try this innovative app, a unique food-sharing service. It’s easy to share the excess food you have. If you’re the one with too much harvested from your garden, or you bought too much food, open the app and offer them to those in need. Then, someone will come to collect. It’s a great way to access free food, especially when your budget tightens while traveling. However, it might not widely be active in every county. Still, the concept is perfect. Worth checking out in cities abroad.


Discovering a city by bike is one of the most ecological ways. But, oh no! Is there no rental service? That’s Spinlister comes into the game. It shows you people in your area who are ready to rent out their bikes. On the app interface, you can see the type of bike, its location, rental cost and duration. It’s a great way to share unused bikes with travelers worldwide, or even rent out your own. Though, I’m not quite sure how they handle safety issues. Also, Upon casually reviewing various regions, I found that the prices are somewhat elevated.

Too good to go

Want to take more responsibility in eco matters? Start by fighting waste. Businesses sell their excess stock at lower prices through this app, avoiding waste. For instance, the breakfasts at 4-5 star hotels often go unfinished. Too Good To Go lets them sell these excesses for less than 5 Euros. Although it’s not available in all countries, you can add your business to start action in your country.

My little plastic footprint

Reduce your plastic use with this application. It guides users through challenges and tips to lessen their environmental impact. Track your progress and learn how to make eco-friendly choices, all while joining a community committed to reducing plastic waste.

Tap Hydration & Water Stations

Stay hydrated and ditch single-use plastic while traveling. This handy map helps you find over 250,000 refill stations across 100+ countries. Just open the website and type your location. Then find nearby fountains or restaurants providing free, clean water. Perfect for the eco-conscious traveler.

The best vegan travel apps

Happy Cow

Discover vegetarian and vegan-friendly dining. This website guides you to over 180,000 healthy eating spots around the world. Filter by location, cuisine, and dietary preferences to find the perfect meal. Whether you’re at home or traveling, HappyCow makes it easy to maintain your plant-based diet and support sustainable dining options.

Bunny Free

Check if products are vegan with Bunny Free. This app differs by offering an extensive list of specific brands. Not only does it reveal if a company is vegan, but it also provides updates on legal changes and animal testing policies. Simple and informative, it’s a must-have for conscious consumers.


Think of it as a search engine for your kitchen needs. Type in an ingredient like eggs or butter, and Gonutss offers vegan alternatives. It starts with direct ingredient swaps and, as you scroll, introduces purchasable products complete with notes like soy-free, gluten-free, or fair trade. You can even find recipes using these alternatives.

There you have it. Whether you’re traveling or at home, these apps can help you make better choices for our planet. Now, tell me your fav eco-friendly apps.