Do you enjoy walking? I’m asking because some people can be soooo lazy about it. But, I really enjoy because walking provides me many benefits. If the weather isn’t too hot and humid, it’s an enjoyable activity. Besides, when I’m feeling bored or stressed, a walk is the perfect way to clear my mind and feel like myself again.

Sometimes, I take a walk for an adventure. I enjoy exploring the forest, observing the different plants and insects. Ever-changing nature always surprises.

Sometimes I go for a walk in a city to explore the surroundings. When I was in college, I walked from Beyazıt to Eminönü after my last class, whether it was summer or winter. Different historical buildings accompanied me on my way. And, I never got bored walking this way.

A great activity for freelancers

If I work from home, I may have to walk around, even if it’s for a short time. Staying at home for too long can be overwhelming. Sure, it affects my workflow. That’s why, I recommend other freelancers take a walk to clear their heads when they’re stuck.

Walking is a calming and restorative activity we need
Walking is one of the best things you can do as a couple. Photo by Vladimir Kudinov on Unsplash.

So, guys! We all need action. Walk. This is one of the simplest physical actions. “Walking … is a kind of active laziness and facilitates mental digression,” says neurobiologist Shane O’Mara in his book In Praise of Walking: Discovering a New Science. He talks about the mental and physical benefits of walking.

No need to have special equipments for walking

No need to wear special clothes. Only, you might need a comfortable shoe, especially for long hike.

You can breathe deeply through your nose while walking. Or you can inhale deeply through your nose and exhale making a long haaa sound from your mouth. Don’t breathe in through your mouth, because the nose cleans the particles in the air; the mouth can’t do that.

When you walk in the forest, smell the flowers, greet the insects, hug the tree. Take a forest bath.

Besides, you may feel bored. Then walk briskly. Who cares? If you do dance steps while walking, your walk can be fun. It’ll be great to deepen your connection with yourself!