Ekofil Community Supported Publishing has published its first novel. Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim (A Season on Earth), a futuristic novel with an ecological theme, was written by Barış Onur Örs.

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Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim Barış - Onur Örs
Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim – Barış Onur Örs

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Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim – Barış Onur Örs

March 2022

After the century-old catastrophe caused by climate change, radical changes occurred in the economic, political, sociocultural and urban structuring on a global scale. City-states, governed by a founding myth based on the promise of security and sustainability, are preparing to take ambitious steps toward new growth while keeping the masses under tight control.

As we wander the streets of Kuas, which seems to have surrendered to this form of government based on numbers, graphs, historical lies, oppression, and violence, we hear whispers. When we listen to the whispers of the ancients moving from master to apprentice, from travelers to children, from women to bazaars with inherited seeds, music, poetry and dance, when we leap from meeting halls to parks, when we find life beyond the cities, when we cross paths adorned with oak roots, when we reach valleys, streams and forests, when we chat with birds, foxes, squirrels and donkeys, we meet Mother Earth. We’re now under the influence of this spontaneous, magical movement that infiltrates each other in the domes, courtyards, and tunnels, under the blasted towers, in the nooks, and in the farms.

The author wants to unite readers

Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim can be interpreted as a displacement of dystopian fiction through the chaotic laughter of nature with the truth that lives in time, space, air, water, earth, memory, and body. In sum, with this book, the author wants to unite readers. In one season or another… On the longest night… In the longest day… Or in the flow where day catches up with the night… In a circle or in rebellion… In the street or at dinner…

Barış Onur Örs, who’s written stories, poems and essays for various magazines and social media, has also performed and directed plays and organized theater festivals. Örs, who’s lived in the countryside for more than 9 years, built his own house and tried sustainable ways of living, is continuing his doctoral work in the field of sustainable energy at the Solar Energy Institute of Ege university. Yeryüzünde Bir Mevsim is Örs’ first novel.

Product Details:

  • Author: Barış Onur Örs
  • Editors: Selda Uzunkaya, Perçem Yıldızbaş, Burcu Ovacık
  • Page: 256
  • Dimensions: 13 × 19,5
  • ISBN: 978-605-74513-2-3
  • Language: Turkish

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