Pianist Ali Başarır has released his maxi-single “Shelter in the Forest” on the OnAir Sahne label. The maxi-single consists of three tracks: “Tree House, Pathway 45, Aged Pines”.

Ali Başarır said about his work, “Life is like a forest full of darkness and surprises for all of us… Everyone needs a shelter when we wander in the unknown. ‘Shelter in the Forest’ expresses our private space in life.”

How did the maxi-single Shelter in the Forest come about?

Shelter in the Forest appeared in 2021, during the pandemic period. The compositions were created over time by combining short ambient and neoclassical melodies that emerged during some experiments on the piano. When I took a closer look at my album The Man Walking in the Dark Forest (2017), I actually described a similar story. This time with a character who’s more firmly grounded and a bit stronger because of the experiences he’s had. I put him in a shelter, which is a house. Tree House is the first and drawing card track of this album. Later, as the story continued, the album took shape with the appearance of the tracks Pathway 45 and Aged Pines. In early 2022, after completing the recording and mastering processes, I released it on April 29, 2022, as a maxi-single on digital media through the label On Air Music.

“This time stronger and more experienced”

What stories are you telling us on the tracks?

Tree House: A sanctuary in life. This is our beautiful home. It’s our secret space where we hide memories, experiences, what we leave behind, smiles and tears. A living home that protects us from the hardships and evils of the outside world.

Pathway 45: On this life path, where I live the 45th year of my life, I still walk on my own misty path full of unknowns, this time stronger and more experienced.

Aged Pines: Stories told by those who’ve grown old with their experiences, who bear the burden of the years, and who teach life lessons with their stories.

Shelter in the Forest: A fusion of piano rhythms and ambient style
Shelter in the Forest: A fusion of piano rhythms and ambient style

“How alone we’re in the crowd”

What things influenced you in the making of this album?

There are some traditional elements that I generally draw inspiration from in my compositions. Also, I was inspired by how alone we’re in the crowd and that the people who appear next to us are just extras on this path and that we’re alone on the path of life in every step we take.

What changes has the pandemic made in your life?

Frankly, the pandemic was full of uncertainties for me. It was an isolated time that we didn’t know, but that we’d to get used to. It was a different dimension, where business and social life was completely digitalized. There were no concerts in terms of music, musicians had serious problems, and we couldn’t anticipate much in this regard. I once did a live concert on Instagram, but in my opinion, the virtual world is never as enjoyable as when you’re in the audience. Fortunately, there was music in every moment in one way or another, and producing music was a salvation for me. I hope for everyone’s sake that we won’t have such a limiting experience again.

Will you give a concert soon after the release of the album?

Firstly, I plan to release a concert recording called Tiny Home Concert on YouTube. I’ll be recording in my home soon. It’ll be a short concert recording, just like the name. It’s like me saying “hello” after a long time. After that, of course, there will be a concert, but there’s no exact date yet.

“Producing soundtracks is my future goal”

What’re your future goals in music, apart from albums and concerts?

Honestly, I’m very interested in the soundtrack as it relates to the music I’ve made. One of my main goals for the future is to produce soundtracks for productions other than albums or singles. Speaking of soundtracks… On Air Sahne is carrying out a project that’s a novelty for our country. For the Novel Soundtrack Project, I composed a solo composition called Lovers Die at Night for author Gülşah Elikbank, along with many other artists. I’ll announce details about the project and release it via my social media channels.

Where can we listen to you, and how can we follow you?

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“Shelter in the Forest” Ali Başarır

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