SagaVanga is an opera artist who has recently ventured into producing psy-trance music. She has been sharing his creations on her SoundCloud account, including the recently has released Slippery Slope Remix. If you want to learn more about SagaVanga and his music, keep reading.

“Throughout history, different eras have led to innovations in various fields such as architecture, psychology, and art. The Renaissance, Baroque, and Classical periods are just a few examples. In the Aquarian Age (technology-mind-space) marked by advances in technology and space exploration, our contribution is in the form of ‘illustration’ and ‘collage art,’ ” says SagaVanga.

SagaVanga released the Slippery Slope Remix
SagaVanga, a photo of her performing at Kabak.

Continuing her work as a music producer, SagaVanga has tried to adapt the rhythm of trance to the song Slippery Slope by The Do, using a technique she calls “SoundCollage.”

Recently, SoundCloud also enabled the mastering feature. The mastering of the track was done with this tool. SagaVanga also expressed her feelings, “SoundCollage feels like building bridges to connect two or more sides, and I’m excited about it.”

Multi productions

She originally created this project for visual design products, but later added music production as well.Instead of looking for a different name for each project, she preferred to stick with a single name. “Instead, I use that name to produce different areas under the general name ‘SagaVanga’ and divide them into small sub-areas.”

What is this SagaVanga? She explains:

“As I delved deeper into psy-trance culture, I came across a documentary about Baba Vanga, who became known for his paranormal experiences. In my research, I discovered that he had a strong connection to plants, and the name Vanga began to resonate with me. It was like a light bulb went on in my head, and I was drawn to the name. I decided to incorporate it into my project by adding the word ‘saga,’ which means epic, judgment, or legacy.

SagaVanga'dan The Do - Slippery Slope Remix'i çıktı
SagaVanga’s visual work

Thus, the path of the name has become the path of Vanga’s saga. It’s a project name that embodies wisdom, foresight, and kindness. Honestly, I’d say that over the years, I’ve broken free from the spell of mysticism. The famous Generation Z has changed our perceptions in interesting ways and continues to do so. However, the importance of the other senses that Vanga has developed because she lives in a rural area and cannot see still fills me with great awe.

She also mentions:

“As an artist, I’m actually a sympathizer of anarchism, but I also feel a sense of duty to follow rules. This internal conflict has shaped my life and influenced my choices. While exploring various subjects, I eventually found myself enrolled in the opera program at a conservatory. I filled these five years with meaningful experiences that shaped my personality. Although the demands of the stage were challenging, I eventually graduated as a performance artist. This experience and the changes it brought about have had a lasting impact on me and have shaped me into a different person. My innate desire for visibility has also been strengthened through my education in performance art and music.

Even if no one is there to witness your performance, and the circumstances you find yourself in make it difficult to do your best, you should always do your best and believe that it’s noble to recognize when your performance falls short.”

Check out Bandcamp to buy and support Slippery Slope Remix by SagaVanga.