Bored listening same sounds these days? Then Treeflow has recently released their first EP, called Wooduu. With this brand-new music taste, you can dive deep into the sonic forest.

Each member brings a unique strand to the band’s DNA. That’s why their collaboration binds a deep creative bond, weaving a fresh narrative.

Let’s meet talented band members.

Okan Çalışkan, Incredible Science, is one of the successful producers in psychedelic trance scene of Turkiye. His first release was a remix for Killerwatts (Avalon & Tristan) remix contest. Well… Then, three winners were selected in this competition and all were released by Nano Records in 2020.

In 2021, he released the first Psybreaks album from Mystic Sound Records, called “Sense of Being“. Also in the same year, he made remixes for Chronos, Monk3ylogic, and Klaada.

Treeflow: A trio turning over a new leaf in electronic music
Treeflow band team members: Okan Çalışkan, Uğurcan Tatar, Mehmet Altıparmak

Ruomo, Mehmet Altıparmak, after giving up his career as an opera singer, he decided to live off the grid. This retreat not only changed his way of seeing life and art, but also resulted in several music pieces. His style includes using metaphors as well as traces of his culture, which combines with the contemporary electronic music.

Ucantrip, the music and art project of Uğurcan Tatar, grew up listening to drum and zurna rhythms thanks to his father, who was a folk dance instructor.

In the following years, he took keyboard, guitar, and saxophone lessons. After his childhood, which was intertwined with music and art, he attended many music festivals where he met new musical genres and instruments.

Besides, he had live performance experiences by playing the djembe in a local reggae band in the Philippines for 2 weeks.

Currently, Ucantrip continues her works mostly in percussion, mouth harp, rhythm, and vocal effects’ genre. He also keeps going on his painting under the same artist name.

Looking for music that makes you on an extraterrestrial journey through psychedelic dimensions, Treeflow has your passport ready.

First EP from Treeflow: Wooduu

These three artists have evaluated their Istanbul-Çanakkale journeys into a debut EP, merging traditional instrumentals and vocals with modern electronic beats. This musical diary encapsulates their mutual experiences and emotions, presented through innovative electronic rhythms.

Treeflow: A trio turning over a new leaf in electronic music
Treeflow Wooduu EP cover

“While experiencing many emotions, we played our instruments, sang our vocals and wanted to give you refreshing touches by blending them with electronic beats. We’re happy and excited to share this first story with you. We hope good feelings will be with you while listening.”

Wanna branch out and explore new musical landscapes with Treeflow? Let’s tune into its EP and their unique blend of music carry you away on a refreshing musical journey.

This is one tree that’s definitely worth climbing.

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