Last month, Gökkuşağı Bay in İzmir hosted Freaks in Love, one of the final summer festivals. Despite a few setbacks, this beach event with peaceful surroundings made for an enjoyable experience. Festival-goers reveled in the captivating Algrid Mer (Hinkstep’s track), peaking their energy with Talamasca. Besides, nostalgic breezes from Deli Köpek uplifted spirits, while Tara’s dance impressed all.

The renowned Swedish psychill producer Hinkstep, debuting in Turkey at the Freaks in Love Festival, delivered an unforgettable performance. Jonas Tegenfeldt, a sound engineer from northern Sweden, showcased his talent by introducing his 2011 album, Sunrise From the Treetops.

After experiencing “Other Side” from Infected Mushroom’s Converting Vegetarians, Jonas found himself intrigued by the realm of downtempo psychedelia. This curiosity, coupled with years of experimentation and inspiration from acts like Younger Brother and Porcupine Tree, led to his distinctive style.

Hinkstep shared his impressions of the festival attendees, saying, “The crowd radiated beautiful energy and love. I enjoyed every moment of the performance and felt everyone was having as much fun as I was.”

Interpreting Algrid Mer as “Never More,” Jonas added, “Follow the signs and embark on your journey. Everything will be ok.”

Grateful for the support, from handshakes and hugs, Jonas voiced his delight at participating in Freaks in Love and expressed a desire to return. Fans can anticipate his next performance at the Psychedelic Art Festival‘s Pre-event & Gallery on November 7th.

Photographer: Okan Çalışkan

Photographer: Onur Yurtsever