Are you in the mood for experimental psychedelics? Then, you should check out VA Flores Venenum, a compilation album featuring female producers from around the world. The album features a range of dark and experimental sounds with contributions from Italy, Brazil, America, Turkey, Australia, and Siberia. Mark your calendars for May 30, as that’s when the album will be officially released.

Flores Venemum means poisonous flowers in Latin. All the titles of the album were also chosen after the names of poisonous flowers in the world. With this album name, they want to explain all the difficulties that women have experienced from the past to the present to give meaning to their existence and have their own power as an individual.

Onul Kundakçı designed the cover of this album, which was mastered by Plankton of Anomalistic Records.

“The emotional and spiritual strength of a woman, thought to be physically weaker than a man, has long been underestimated. During the witch hunts of the Middle Ages, this power was noticed and people wanted to destroy it, resulting in thousands of innocent women were killed. With Flores Venenum, we call out to the past and the future, making the darkest and most experimental sounds possible, in the name of all women who have been tortured just for being women, about the violence and evil done to women throughout history; we’re here!”

Artists of “Flores Venenum”

  • Systra Myramis (Turkey) (experimental breakcore)
  • Giggles (Siberia) (forest)
  • Psykia (Italy) (forest)
  • Amdusias (Brazil) (experimental dark)
  • HiSussa (Brazil) (experimental darkpsy)
  • Psycorange (Italy) (experimental psycore)
  • Athzira Ovni aka Cosmic spiral • Ovni Records(Guatemala) (hitech/psycore)
  • NumaNeith (Turkey) (experimental)
  • Mouchawida aka Mohinia (Canada) (psycore)
  • SagaVanga (Turkey) (experimental core)
  • Luuli (ABD) (experimental psycore)
  • Plankton – Anomalistic Records (Switzerland) (psycore)
  • Alien Lazer Baby (Australia) (experimental)
  • Oxomo (Turkey) (experimental psycore)
  • Eno Gana (Turkey) (experimental)
  • Elvenfolk (Brazil) (Dark Psycore)
  • Nala Dj (Brazil) (Dark Psycore)
  • AnkouDead (Brazil) (Dark Psycore)
  • INRGD (Brazil) (experimental)

Compiled by Oxomo, Metacortex Records.
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