Midvil, an Istanbul-based psychedelic and space rock trio, has just released a new 9-minute single, “Dreaming Dreams, teasing their upcoming third album. Since May 29, it’s been rocking all digital platforms.

Their debut album, “Great Journey,” made waves, but they solidified their spot in the local scene with their second album, “Rungokna”.

This new track dives deep, exploring themes like despair, accepting the circumstances, and interpreting the energy that surrounds us.

Described as “a story about being in a dream of dreams,” the artwork for “Dreaming Dreams” is crafted by Burak Akay (Brockkaw). Fresh off their last concert on March 6 with Ankara-based band Strider, Midvil is now gearing up for their third album. You can keep up with the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Dreaming Dreams teklisi çıkıyor

Meet the band:

  • Vocals/Bass Guitar: Doğan Demircioğlu
  • Drums: Buğra Yılmaz
  • Keyboard: Ahmet Özgür Özdil

You can check out “Dreaming Dreams” right here.

Stay Tuned For fans and new listeners alike, Midvil’s journey continues to be an exciting one. Keep your ears open for more psychedelic and space rock adventures from this Istanbul trio.