The backstreets of every city are a place where exclusion stands out, and this is especially true in Paris. There are so many amazing stories to discover in the backstreets of Paris, and there is a sense of excitement in the air. Let’s start our journey through these streets early in the morning and discover all they have to offer.

While the Parisians are busy with the hustle and bustle of the day, you leisurely stroll the streets with a freshly purchased croissant from a charming yellow-fronted bakery. With your chic hat, you exude the confidence of a true Parisian. While fashion is often associated with glitz and glamour, Parisians living in the heart of the fashion world manage to balance style and comfort in their daily attire.

In his novels, Émile Zola often portrays the streets of Paris as dirty, smelly, and noisy. However, every step on those streets offers a new and exciting sight in reality.

Let’s go back in time. In the 19th century, Baron Eugène Haussmann, the governor of the Seine region, initiated a period of reconstruction in Paris. Despite his claim that “Yes, we destroyed many houses, but we also built a lot,” it was Haussmann who made the city the vibrant and theatrical place it’s today, with its impressive streets and buildings.

The excitement and enchantment of the backstreets of Paris
When the afternoon approaches, it’s the perfect time to take a break and enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy café. Photo by Celine Ylmz on Unsplash.

Suddenly, the sounds of an Edith Piaf song fill the air. As you take in the beauty of the surroundings, you’re reminded of your own existence and that you’re the lead actor in this play called life.

Music has the power to change and enhance the atmosphere of any place. This is especially true of the backstreets of Paris. Whether it’s the goosebump-inducing sounds of Jacques Brel or the energetic beats of In Grid at a Parisian underground party, the music in these streets has the ability to uplift and excite the soul. Even in alternative cafés, you can find young fans of Noir Desir reveling in the joy of the music.

When the afternoon approaches, it’s the perfect time to take a break and enjoy a delicious lunch in a cozy café. This is the perfect moment to sit back and take in the sights and sounds of the city while the people around you smoke tobacco and drink a glass of wine. It’s almost as if the veins of art and intellect run through these streets, pulsing with energy and creativity.

People flock to the backstreets of Paris to share their ideas and passions with the world. Some do so through music, others through art, and still others through activism. An African immigrants might be handing out flyers for a cause they cares about, while a group of young, art-loving people have a lively discussion outside a bookstore. As you observe all this activity, take a sip from your glass and marvel at the vibrant energy of these streets.

Parisians’ backstreets are so much more than just a place of affluence and sophistication. They offer endless charm and fascination that can sweep you away at any time of day or year.

When night falls, the bars on the street become even more lively and crowded. People of all kinds gather around the friendly tables and strike up conversations with each other, whether they know each other or not. The scene is made even livelier by the presence of talented street dancers, who move through the crowd with their performances. As you watch, you may catch a glimpse of people passing by on the city’s heavy and large bicycles.

Love in Paris has a habit of showing up in the most unexpected moments. As you sit with your wine in the garden of the bar, enjoying the atmosphere of the evening, a stranger may catch your eye and address you with a warm “Bonsoir Madame”. And with this simple gesture, a new and exciting chapter in your story begins.