Bored of standard jigsaw puzzles? Then let me introduce you to Cloudberries. The UK-based brand produces top-notch jigsaw puzzles for adults and children. It’s also possible to ship worldwide.

Because of the coronavirus, we spend more time at home. Constantly watching Netflix or spending time on the Internet get monotonous after a certain point. Besides, it’s not healthy to look at electronic devices for a long time. So, what? Do jigsaw puzzles, of course!

Cloudberries has products that won’t bore you. In fact, after you finish the jigsaw puzzle, you’ll want to hang it on your wall. For me, I chose the 1000-piece Botany and Celestial models. A challenging but fun adventure awaits me.

Plant a tree with every jigsaw puzzle purchase

Cloudberries makes sustainable and high-quality products to show their respects to the planet and people. Whether you buy a jigsaw puzzle on their website or from an online store like Amazon, a tree will be planted in your name for every product you buy.

They also work with the Eden Reforestation Project. It works to reforest endangered areas, empower local communities, and create wildlife refuges. Once the partnership is official, customers will also contribute to this project with every jigsaw puzzle purchased.

Sustainable design

All Cloudberries jigsaw puzzles are made from recycled paper and cardboard. Their goal is to eliminate the thin plastic coating used in shipping by 2020. They’re aware of the impact of selling puzzles on the world we live in and strive to make continuous improvements in this regard.

You can buy the jigsaw puzzle models of Botany and Celestial here if you want.

Happy employees

But what about those who make these jigsaw puzzles? Cloudberries says the products are made by happy employees in a safe and healthy environment. It’s very nice that they approach sustainability with a holistic perspective and try to think better for everyone.

What if a piece is missing?

The toy is manufactured according to EU standards. So, it’s made without harmful chemicals and other pollutants. In addition, you can contact the company if a piece is missing. However, don’t worry, they aim delivering the products without any problem.

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Have a great jigsaw puzzle time with your family and loved ones.