The non-stop music makes our bodies tingle and lifts our spirits to the peak. Some came from America; some from Brazil… People from all over the world enjoyed a week of music, friendship, and community life. Now they’re on their way to other festivals, to other countries.

The Neon Festival was held for the first time in Turkey from July 13to 19 at the Alaçam Plateau in Bursa. The festival, where names like Ace Ventura, Captain Hook and Kashyyk took the stage, featured many activities such as yoga, meditation, dance, juggling shows and workshops.

Neon Festival was a complete success despite some minor problems. Even though there were a few shortcomings, I’m sure they’ll make up for them in the next organization and give us all a much better festival experience. Despite these setbacks, the atmosphere and the energy of the crowd were truly electrifying, and it was clear that the participants didn’t let these minor setbacks dampen their spirits.

2000 festival-goers leave behind urban stress and embrace the beauty of psychedelic music

About two thousand people, escaping the ugliness of the cities, expressed their gratitude to nature with psychedelic music and spirit. They danced for hours, leaving behind all the negative aspects of life with the energy and joy of the sun. People were at peace. At the end of the festival, wonderful friendships and love were born.

It was cold on the plateau. Since it was our first festival, we were newbies. So we shared a single mat with two girls in the same tent. Sometimes the cold was affecting my back. One morning, when I woke up, surprisingly, my back wasn’t cold. After unzipped the tent, what did I see? A cute dog was leaning against my back. He warmed me, and I warmed him all night. Oh!

Then a musky smell comes up. Next to the tent, our neighbors are cooking soup. In these days, such beautiful mornings are rare.

Doğadaki gökkuşağı: Neon Festivali
The dog visited me other days, too.

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During the festival, I shuttled back and forth between the main stage and the alternative stage. The kids were running around barefoot. Animal friends, one more adorable than the other, created a happy atmosphere.

As darkness descended, the festival came alive with the vibrant glow of neon lights. The stage were filled with the beat of music, which played nonstop for a whole week. As the night reached its peak, the stage area became increasingly crowded with people, some even accompanied by their furry four-legged companions, adding to the surreal and fantastical atmosphere, reminiscent of the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland.

Those who hadn’t yet run out of energy continued dancing until the first dawn. The Neon Festival, which ran smoothly from beginning to end, ended on Sunday morning with music. Unfortunately, like all good things, this festival is over.

13 Ağustos 2015, Gaia Dergi

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