With the slogan #TakeItEasy, Halara wants to be an activewear brand that stands for sustainable living.

Comfortable clothing is an important detail that can’t be neglected, and it makes our workouts more enjoyable. For example, if I wear loose clothing, my flow toys can get caught in the clothing when I’m trying to learn a new movement. Active wear brands can be saviors in these situations. Thus, Halara hugs your body comfortably and doesn’t pinch. Such clothing is already designed to improve the performance of athletes.

Let’s talk about Halara, which means “take it easy” in Latin… The brand sells high quality and stylish sportswear on halarafriends.com. I love the meaning of their name. They chose this word to remind themselves not to take life too seriously and to be happy about the little things. Plus, their prices are pretty affordable. They also say that they want to create a collection that puts a smile on people’s faces—and at an affordable price.

Flexible and high quality

Halara designs its products from nylon, cotton, and synthetic fiber materials. So, all products are breathable, flexible, and of high quality. When you touch the product, you immediately recognize its high quality. In addition, It came to Turkey from abroad quickly and without any problems.

What does Halara do for sustainability?

They say they’re aware that the fashion industry isn’t very sustainable and are taking various initiatives to do their best for their employees and customers.

  • They’re aware of the destructive effect of fast fashion. Therefore, prefer high-quality textile products that can be used for a long time. Today, all items are made to be easily breakable, perishable, and wearable. In this way, potential customers can buy similar products again. Halara, on the other hand, pursues the opposite.
  • They strive to create ethical working conditions.
  • In the future, they want to include ecological and recyclable textile products in the company.