The talented Özgür Çetin has just dropped his very first track, “Endless Riser”, under his project Ramizes. Many of us have been eagerly waiting for this, knowing how passionate Özgür is about his music. And he’s delivered right on time.

Taking a trip down memory lane, Özgür shares: “Back in 2002, when I first encountered psy-trance, I never imagined I’d be DJing, let alone do producing it. I had moved from Istanbul to Eskişehir for university and was diving into a whole new world filled with fun — so much fun! Psy-trance events were rare in our country back then. Euro, Uplifting, Progressive Trance, and the like genres were dominating the music scene.

By early 2004, I realized my collection growing with full-on tracks. Artists like Eskimo, Fatali, Electro Sun, and Astrix were reshaping Goa-trance to appeal to larger audiences. I started playing these tracks at house parties and realized how much people loved them.

A new chapter

These house parties brought me together with like-minded folks. We were a minority, but we were aware of the potential of the music. Soon, we started organizing small, full-on events. Through these, we discovered a much larger community of seasoned fans and even DJs. A new chapter was unfolding in my life.

The game-changer came in 2006 with the famous Soulclipse Festival. Finally, psy-trance culture had officially found its footing in Turkey’s the underground music scene. Most of us know the rest of the story.”

Endless Riser
Crystal Kids

He also says about his journey from DJing to production, “I often ask myself why I waited so long to produce. Being a DJ and a producer are related but distinct skills. Some people might start producing without ever DJing — I consider them true artists. Some remain DJs and are real performers. The ones who master both are uniquely talented. I dream of joining that group without compromising my passion. My goal? Transform my 4 DJ projects into Live Act projects within the next decade and make a mark on the international psychedelic trance scene.”

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