An eco-friendly digital marketplace in Turkey, Createrra is now online. Want to have a more conscious shopping experience? It gathers brands that produce in harmony with the nature under one roof.

Createrra have taken place in the last quarter of 2021 to offer alternative solutions to environmental and social problems, especially the climate crisis. It includes more than 100 eco-friendly brands that follow the approach of ethical production, has become a platform for consumers who’ve a high environmental awareness.

It features thousands of products from eco-friendly brands, with categories including sustainable fashion, natural beauty, ethical accessories, home, pets, mother-baby-child and healthy eating. That is, it offers eco-friendly brands the opportunity to showcase their products to conscious consumers.

Createrra: An eco-friendly digital marketplace in Turkey

Their journey began with many ethical values such as ÔÇťorganic, handmade, vegan, chemical-free, recycled, upcyclable, harmless dyes, zero waste, fair production and female manufacturer.ÔÇŁ The brand’s goal is to increase the number of brands joining together on this platform for these ethical values.

Gamze T├╝ys├╝z Yalg─▒n, the founder of Createrra, said about this project, We’ve taken a big and exciting step towards sustainability, green, and goodness. I’m happy and proud that this project, which we’ve been dreaming and planning for 6 years, has now become a reality. Our goal is to involve all people in the great cycle of nature, send them on a journey of sustainability and lead them to a healthy and sustainable lifestyle by changing their consumption habits.

With the vision to learn, teach, develop and raise awareness about sustainability, Createrra uses part of its income to collaborate with different associations and non-governmental organizations. With this vision, Createrra aims to provide a greener shopping experience with all sustainable brands and make the healing effect permanent by 2030.

Createrra: An eco-friendly digital marketplace in Turkey

Who’s Createrra?

Createrra is a digital marketplace that brings together sustainable, organic and eco-friendly products. It places the goal of ÔÇťResponsible Production and ConsumptionÔÇŁ, ranked 12th in the ÔÇťSustainable Development GoalsÔÇŁ (SDGs) established by the United Nations in 2015, at the heart of its business processes. This digital marketplace, which has adopted sustainable and principled production, also aims to expand the ecosystem of ethical producers. It also plans various events to create community and awareness, and bring together consumers who want to spread the healing word.

It offers an entirely new and greener shopping experience that can be done in harmony with nature. Also, it matches consumers with alternative sustainable products from eco brands. For detailed information, visit the website or their social media accounts on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.