In the psychedelic culture of Turkey, there’s not much interest in psychedelic chill sounds. Berk Buyan, on the other hand, likes the slow and medium-fast styles of psytrance and shares many of his sets in this style. Moreover, we come across not only psybient but also sets in different BMPs.

He’s two different projects. Under the name Berk Buyan he shares organic, progressive, melodic house, techno, and indie sets. In Fisheng, he plays psychill, psybient, chillgressive, and Goa trance. Without further ado, let’s get to know him with his own words.

Can you tell me something about yourself?

When I was studying engineering in Hacettepe, my interest in design grew and after graduation, I found myself in the fields of engineering—interior design—design. I’ve been involved in interior design, furniture, lighting, laboratory equipment, theater and party decoration, and other visual works. In my own business, I continue to work in most of the above areas. I’ve also been performing as a DJ or several years.

How did you start your musical adventure?

Berk Buyan: "The music moves my body"
Berk Buyan

My first memories of music come to mind in 1988 when I was 7 years old. I saved money, bought music cassettes according to their covers, and listened to the ones I liked. There are musicians in my family. I was born into music unintentionally. So, I encountered Goa trance in the early 200s, now known as old school. This experience has opened the door to the music I love now.

Deep experiences while listening to Goa trance

The feeling of finding what you’re looking for in the journey of life, the music moves my body, and finally falling into a trance with enthusiasm are what I felt when listening to Goa trance. In the past years, people in Saklıkent have been holding psychedelic parties. So, I joined those events. Then we started to hold our own parties with friends. After a few years, I started to get involved with DJ.

What styles do you like the most these days?

Our ancestral Goa trance is psychill, psybient, and chillgressive at medium and calm speeds. On the other hand, progressive house, organic house, melodic and ethereal techno, and indie sounds are the styles I like to play.

Where can we hear you? Where have you been performing lately?

I play every Friday at 20:00 on the radio party4us. We also host a few parties regularly in the summer at Vox Ankara. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you can find the new events.

Can you share a DJ set with our readers?